The most important factor to increase your eCommerce sales

07 Jan 2022 12 min read
The most important factor to increase your eCommerce sales

Business is getting better when it comes to eCommerce, slightly helped by the impact of COVID-19 as people have now opted to shop through online companies. At the moment more and more people are turning to the internet to find the products and services they need. Because of this reason eCommerce is more important than ever before, even for small businesses. But even in these challenging times of extreme change and a confirmed stream of highly motivated consumers ready to shop online, the fact remains that if you wish to grow your eCommerce business, attract more customers and traffic, then you must market it. Right now there is both in the market, more opportunity, and more competition. Ecommerce will continue to grow in the coming days too. So, if you are damn serious about the growth of your online business, you should already be looking out to put a strategy in place to help your business move forward.

There are various ways you can ensure your eCommerce business continues to grow but of course not all will be suitable for your specific business or its needs. Following are the few factors to ensure further success in eCommerce.

1. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness impacts trust, repeat purchases, and even SEO. The more people know your brand name, the higher your sales will grow. Create high-quality content, maybe consider influencer partnerships, partner with other businesses in your industry, don't neglect paid ads, and be active on social media.

2. Email Marketing

Create your email list and be good at email marketing. Other various social media channels might be on the ground or vanish completely but you always own your email list. A major benefit of having an email list of relevant leads is that it supports repeat purchases. In a recent time where competing on price is becoming the norm, being able to directly contact customers to encourage repeat purchases is more important than ever. Right now, most companies possess tangled email systems with stale subscriber lists and poor follow-up sequences.

3. Multiple Communication Channels

Trying to reach your customers through email and website isn't enough. If you want to succeed online you need to be on as many platforms as possible which gives your business a better chance of being found and discovered by new prospects. For that start a blog/article where you can post articles about your products, services, and industry. Blogs are very important for SEO and give you a better chance of being visible in online searches. Also, choose a few social media channels that suit your brand and start posting content there as well.

4. Analyze Competitors

Research to find similar eCommerce stores and look for their websites. Go through their website and find out what they are doing differently than you are. Find out a new feature they provide to their customers which you'd like to add to your own site. Use SEO tools to look up to your closest competitors. If you find something that is working for your competitor, feel free to add to your strategy and incorporate it into your business.

5. User-friendly

The way people purchase goods and services has majorly changed as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. More people are now interested in buying goods online now than before. So offer your customers various ways to interact with your brand so your customers can pick a channel that suits them. Also,  make sure your website is user-friendly with no errors and glitches, easy navigation, and a quick, simple path to checkout. Make your customers feel special. They don't want to feel like one in the crowd of other customers. Personalized, exclusive content might help here.

6. Various Payment Options

Consumers have more choices than ever before in terms of how they actually pay for goods and services. By offering more payment options, including newer services that are becoming increasingly popular on mobile, you're making it easier for customers to get your products. It is a great way to increase online sales, particularly if your site has strong mobile traffic.

7. Quality Product Images

Given how important appearance is in relation to how we perceive things, it stands to reason that investing in quality product photography will have a similar effect on visitors to your site. Regardless of what you sell, include high-quality images of your products instead of poorly-lit shots. Also, make sure to include a wide range of images. 

As the owner of an eCommerce store, you must make sure your business is always growing. In these fast-changing times, if you are not growing, you'll find you reach a stagnant state. It's important to understand that your customers want to experiment with all the advanced technology available so that you can improve the overall experience for your customer, and ultimately help your eCommerce business expand in 2022.